Olympic club

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I stayed with the seafood buffet table and kept to one serving. Oh and a salad plate. For dessert, fresh fruit including dragonfruit. And a small serving of bread pudding with custard sauce.



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Tube pasta in a sauce of foiegras, truffles and Marsala.

Raviolio of braised veal, chanterelle and truffle

Chef Suzette


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Imperial rolls at Evergreen. Yum!

Koryo Charcoal House

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Tucked in small mall in Oakland. Ordered tongue and bulgoki. Tongue could have been a bit more velvety. Overall good charcoal house.

Spanish Tapas

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I’ve taken to eating oatmeal Japanese-style. To hot oatmeal I add vinegared ginger, fish flakes, vegetable pickles, scallions and seaweed. It’s a really yummy way to start the morning.


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Top to bottom: Jya-jya mein, cold spicy shredded chicken salad, gyoza, butter shio corn chashu ramen.

Tried one of the many ramen houses popping up in the San Mateo area. Himawari-tei is located at 202 2nd Avenue in downtown San Mateo. The salad was good, the gyoza was tasty but not put together very well and fell apart. The jya-jya mein needed to be less sweet and the butter shio ramen had too much butter. The noodle consistency of the egg noodles was great.